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Miner Optimisation

Configure Payouts

Select a currency to convert your coins automatically to the currency of your choice.
1. Unlock your wallets by pressing the unlock button below your wallet list
2. Follow the link in the email to unlock your wallets, Your wallets are now unlocked and ready to be edited
3. Convertion:
Option 1. Lazy mining
This option allow you to choose maximum 10 different coins to convert your coins to. Every coin that is available for convertion will be converted to these coins proportionally.

Option 2. Manual
Use the drop-down options per currency and set them to the currency you want to convert your coins to, Or use the set all option above your wallets.
You don't need to set any address or AP Limit for these, As these coins will not be payed to you, they will get converted instead.
Don't try to forge for example, a BTC address into a LTC wallet, it doesn't work.
4. To get any coin payed to your local wallet, set your private coin address behind the specific coin.
5. Set the AP Threshold amount (The minimum amount of coins we will send, balances lower then this amount will not be send).
To discover the minimum / maximum value, hold your mouse on the input field.

Multiport and Pool overview

Payout and Fee

All pools can be mined with any of the below reward modes:
D-PPS - D-PPS explained
PROP - PROP explained
PPLNS - PPLNS explained
SOLO - SOLO explained
Payouts are usualy within 15 minutes after a transaction is confirmed.
In general all pools charge a 1.5% Fee, (Exceptions can be found in below table),
The amount of fee is also stated on the dashboard page of every pool.
There is no withdraw fee on outgoing transactions.
However, For Some currency's we have to charge network transaction cost on withdrawal:
Network Transaction Cost
Currency Algorithm Transaction cost
ARRR Equihash 0.00100000 ARRR
BCH Sha256 0.00000300 BCH
BSV Sha256 0.00000300 BSV
BTC Sha256 0.00005000 BTC
DASH X11 0.00001000 DASH
DVT Sha256 2.00000000 DVT
KMD Equihash 0.00100000 KMD
LTC Scrypt 0.00001000 LTC
MP Ghostrider 0.20000000 MP
MP Randomx 0.20000000 MP
MP Yescryptr16 0.20000000 MP
ONION X13 0.00001000 ONION
XMR Randomx 0.00004500 XMR
XVG Scrypt 0.10000000 XVG
ZCL Equihash_gpu 0.00010000 ZCL
ZEC Equihash 0.00100000 ZEC
ZEN Equihash 0.00100000 ZEN
ZER Equihash_gpu 0.00010000 ZER
Pool Fee
Currency Algorithm Pool Fee
BCH Sha256 2.00 %
BTC Sha256 6.00 %
DGBTESTNET_ODO Odocrypt 0.00 %
SPACE Sha256 2.00 %
All other 1.5% %

Merged mining ( Free coins )

PROPortional Payout explained.

A proportional pool means miners are simply paid out when a block is found. No blocks, no payout! With a Prop pool the risk is all on the miners if it takes longer than expected to find a block then the miners earn less. On the flip side, if the pool is lucky (they will all average out the same eventually) the miners get more. This is in complete contrast to the PPS pool where there is no "Variance" Using made up data for simplicity, here’s an example: *A block is found after 100000 shares *You submitted 1000 of those shares (you have 1% of the pools total hash power) *There’s 200FTC per block Quite simply you will get 1% of the block = 2FTC. Now if the pool has a bad round (a round is the time taken to find a block) and it takes 200000 shares to find a block (twice as long) and you have submitted 2000 shares (as you’ve been mining twice as long), you still only get 1% of the block = 2FTC. This can also work in the miners favor too as if it takes half the time (50000 shares) to find a block and you submitted only 500 - again - 2ftc. Basically with a Prop pool you always get you percentage of the block and you win/lose depending on the “Luck” of the pool.
Merged coins will also be paid PROP if a share is valid on one of the merged coins.

SOLO mining explained.

With SOLO mining all the risk but also all the luck is 100% for the miner.
When the miner finds a block, the whole reward will go to the miner.
However, if the miner does not find a block, the miner will not get paid at all.
Merged coins will also be paid SOLO if a share is valid on one of the merged coins.

Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS) Payout explained.

A PPLNS pool is very much like a PROP pool, and it means miners are paid out when a block is found. No blocks, no payout! The difference with a PROP pool is that with PPLNS the pool does not pay for the shares submitted on the last block, but it will take the average amount of shares submitted over the last 10 blocks. This means that if the pool is lucky and finds a block fast, the pool will look for shares from previous blocks to fill up the total shares of the block to match the average.
However, when the pool is unlucky and takes for example 200% effort on a block ( Compared to the average ) , the pool will only pay around 50% of the last submitted shares ( to match the average of 100% ) All older shares are ignored and will not get paid in that round.
PPLNS encourages miners to keep mining and discourages miners to leave.
PPLNS is therefore not recommended to use in combination with profitSwitching ( multiport )
With a PPLNS pool the risk is all on the miners if it takes longer than expected to find a block then the miners earn less. On the flip side, if the pool is lucky (they will all average out the same eventually) the miners get more. This is in complete contrast to the PPS pool where there is no "Variance"
Merged coins will also be paid PPLNS if a share is valid on one of the merged coins.

D-PPS or Dynamic Pay Per Share

Pay Per Share or commonly known as PPS is an approach which offers an instant flat payout for each share that is solved. Bringing this back to the lottery example, imagine that a miner submits 1 lottery share to the the pool operator. Even if the pool doesn’t win the lottery the miner will still get paid 10% of the block reward (if there are 10 total tickets). The miner gets paid on what is statistically probable rather than what actually occurs. Now imagine that the miner submits 1 ticket and it happens to be the winning ticket. The miner still only receives 10% of the block reward. What this system ultimately does is take out the “luck” and hence variance in a miners payout. Instead the pool operator absorbs all the risk of variance. In the long-run it should balance out to the statistical mean (obtain 10% of blocks) but in the short-run there can be a lot of variance. Logistically, the payout to the miner is offered immediately from the pool’s existing balance of the cryptocurrency. The possibility of cheating the miners by the pool operator and by timing attacks is completely eliminated. This payment structure is riskier for pool operators given the variance. Usually only large pools with a lot of reserves can afford to take on the variance risk. Other pools compensate for the higher risk taken by charging a higher fee.

Dynamic PPS Normal PPS determines the value of your share by the current difficulty when the payouts are created, Or using an average difficulty over that period. Our Dynamic-PPS system values each share on the difficulty and coinbase reward it was submitted on.
This way a miner will always mine based on 100% luck at all times. Making it possible to do realtime profit switching combined with PPS as well.
Merged coins will also be paid on a PPS base, whether a share is valid on one of the merged coins or not.

Currency Convertion

In your Wallets page you also have the options to convert your coins to another currency of your choice
- So how does this work?
At first, You mine your coins a usual, and you get your coins credited to your account as usual.
Only after your coins has reached confirmed status, the conversion kicks in.
We process all your confirmed credits and sell them directly at the exchange, the price we sold them on, is the price your coins will be worth in convertion.
Your transactions type "Credit" will be changed to type "Converted", And the value of these transactions combined will be Credited as one Converted Credit.
You can see all your transactions Here
An extra Fee of 1.5% is charged on Currency Convertion.
  • Q: Will my coins I mined before enabling Currency Convertion, gets converted to?
  •  A:Yes, we convert all coins.
  • Q: My coins are already confirmed, why are they not being converted?
  •  A: The pool will sell the coins first before it will convert any coin, Due to the minimum tx size of each exchange, we can only sell the coins once this limit has been reached.
  • Q: What does the message: "Convertion disabled by pool" mean?
  •  A:Exchanges like to throw their wallets off-line or in maintenance while keeping the market open, If we can not deposit your coins, we can not sell them, if we can not sell them we can not convert them.
        As long as the exchange wallet is off-line or in maintenance your coins will not be converted, once it's opens, The convertion will Continue.
  • Q: When do I get my Converted coins payed out?
  •  A:Same as any other coin, as soon as your balance exceeds your AP threshold set in your wallet.

Pool overview

  • logo : Currency Convertion is Available.
  • logo : Currency Convertion is Temporary disabled, no exchange is available.
  • logo : Multiport mining is enabled.
  • Workers : The number of workers currently digging in the pool.
  • Pool Speed : The total pool hashrate currently digging in the pool.
  • Calc. Netspeed : The amount of hashrate that is needed to find the blocks in time of the provided block spawning time, on the current difficulty.
             NOTE! This is not the actual network hashrate.! It's been calculated to show you how your changes are in actually finding the block
  • Difficulty : The current difficulty of the next block, This may be a different value then you will see on the pool dashboard page or on the block explorer,
             Wait until a block is found and you will see that it matches this number. We use this difficulty for our multiport and profitability calculations.
  • Btc / (Mhs Ghs or Ths) : Your expected profit calculated on the current difficulty, network-speed, block-reward and coin-price.
  • Progress : The amount of shares currently processed for this block, This value is calculated at the current difficulty, where 100% is the expected amount of shares needed to solve this block.
  • Status : Represents the status of our pool and our stratums,
             - Online means the pool is active and mining is active.
             - Maintenance means the stratum pool is closed, but withdrawals might still be possible
             - Offline means the whole pool is closed and no mining nor withdrawals are possible at this moment,

  • Workers overview

  • Coin/Set : The configured coin / set for this worker on this algorithm.
  • Shares p/s. : The current share rate of your miner measured over a 12.5 minute period.
  • diff. : The average share difficulty of your miner measured over a 12.5 minute period,
             - INcreasing this value will DEcrease your shares per second
             - DEcreasing will INcrease your shares per second (Important ! a higher share rate does not result in better earnings!)
  • Shares p/s : The amount of shares (work) your miner is submitting to the pool every second (sharerate) Optimal value should be in between 0.08 - 0.30 S/s.
  • Mining : The coin and mode your worker is currently mining on.
  • Profitability : The current amount of BTC you are currently earning per (Mhs/Ghs or Ths) per day.
  • Algorithm : The algorithm your worker is mining on.
  • LS : The amount of seconds since the last share was received by the pool..
  • Hashrate : The average hashrate measured over the past 12.5 minutes.

  • Set Miner Settings

  • Miner / Group Select a miner or miner-group to change settings for.
  • Coin / Set Select a coin or coin-set to switch your miner(s) to.
  • Mode
    -  Pooled: Normal pooled mining, you will get rewarder PROPortionally on each block a 'pooled' miner finds.
    -  Solo: You will not receive any reward from blocks mined by other miners, other miners also don't get rewards on blocks found by you, blocks your miner finds will be rewarded 100% to you.
    -  Party: Same as solo, but mine with your friends or associates by sharing your party password with them.
    Notice that mining on solo or party mode is at your own risk,
    If you are not sure what you are doing, we advice you not to use these functions.
  • Party Pass
    Your unique password to share with your friends or relatives to use as your own private pool.
  • Schema
    -  Profitability: Switch miner automatically between your selected coins in your coinset, based on profitability, Always mine most profitable.
    -  Rotation: Switch your miner between your selected coins in your coinset, alphabetically from A->B->C....->Z
  • Margin
    -  Profitability: Switch only when other coin becomes this percentage more profitable then the current coin that is being mined.
    -  Rotation: Move from coin A to coin B after this amount of minutes.
  • Coin sets and Miner groups
  • Coin-Set
    Create your own set of coins to use in your miner settings.
  • Miner-Group
    Create your own group of miners to control with the miner settings, easy for those who have large amounts of miners.

  • Partners

    Our Partners:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: When will I get paid?
    •  A:We run payouts for every currency every 15 minutes.
    • Q: How does the pool determine my payouts?
    •  A: This pool uses the following payout system. (PROP)
    • Q: The Terms of Agreements statement 4.3, Tells me my coins will be truncated after 6 months,
      Does this also apply for coins that has Currency Convertion enabled, but are not being converted for a various of reasons?
    •  A:No, If you have enabled Currency Convertion, we take responsibility for this balance,
      We will not truncate these balances, and as soon as we can convert these coins we will convert them as normal.
      NOTE: As we are not an exchange we do not have any control over markets, there might not be any exchange available for a long time.
      In this case, we advice you to disable convertion and store these coins in your local wallet until there is an exchange available again.
    • Q: How long does it take before I can withdraw my coins?
    •  A: Coins generated by a block will not be available to you right away. They will take some time to be confirmed by the entire network before you are allowed to transfer them out of the pool.
      Usually coins have a confirmation set to 140. What that actually means: the network (not the pool) has to discover 140 additional blocks on top of the one found by the pool to confirm it.
      The amount of confirmations needed for each currency can be found inside every pool, From the menu: Statistics => Blocks.
    • Q: What is an Orphan Block?
    •  A: Detached or Orphaned blocks are valid blocks which are not part of the main chain.
      They can occur naturally when two miners produce blocks at similar times or they can be caused by an attacker (with enough hashing power) attempting to reverse transactions.
    • Q: What is estimated payout?
    •  A: Estimated payout is your estimated payout if a block is found at that time. This is an estimate according to your amount of shares submitted for the round(s).
    • Q: What is a share?
    •  A: Finding blocks is not an easy task. Since it would take a really long time on some coins, finding a block is broken down into shares.
      Depending on the server side setting, each share can be a certain difficulty. The more difficult each share is to find by miners, the fewer total shares are required to eventually find a block.
      On the server side, each share is checked against the coin daemon (a server side wallet with more features) if it is indeed a valid block solution.
      Every share computed has the potential to be a block solution. I will not go into details why this is, but rest assured that share estimates for blocks can sometimes be exceeded.
      In the long run though, shorter round with less shares than required will make up for those taking very long.
      Keep in mind: shares are not blocks! Shares are part of a block and will count towards the block payout!
      At times, you will see shares being rejected by the pool. This can happen if you try to send an outdated share right after a block was found.
      Stratum, a protocol used by a miner to request work from a server, is used for share submission and getting new work.
      It is very solid when it comes to avoiding rejects but they can still happen once in a while.
      If you are seeing reject all the time, then something isn't working right on your end.
      You may also notice that your hashrate on the pool website is not increasing while your invalid share count keeps climbing up.
      In that case turn off your miner and check your settings!
    • Q: I am having problems connecting to the pool.
    •  A: Double check your settings against our getting started page.
            If the problem persists contact us by making a support ticket here: Support.
    • Q: My Hashrate is not showing on the pool.
    •  A: 9 Out of 10 times the problem lies in the workername, double check your workername on missing capitals etc.
      Also make sure your miner is delivering shares accepted in the command screen, if you do not see any accepted shares our pool does not show any hashrate.
      In this case make sure the pool difficulty is not to high for your miner. You can check what difficutly is being used on a port here: getting started page.
      You can also set the difficulty yourself by using d="Your desired difficulty number" as your password in your miner software.

    Terms Of ServiceV 2.0 28-01-2019 - Mining-Dutch B.V. KVK : 71103236

    Article 1 Applicability and Definitions
    In these general conditions the following terms are defined as follows:
    - "Account" : the membership that gives the User access to the Platform and services from Mining-Dutch;
    - "Altcoins": a reference to all Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, such as Litecoin;
    - "Botnet": a collection of software bots who operate independent and automatically;
    - "Block": the result of a successful fixed transaction of a Cryptocurrency;
    - "BTC": a reference to the Cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin;
    - "Cryptocurrency": a peer-to-peer digital currency;
    - "Hash rate": the average mining power of the Mining Hardware used to mine Cryptocurrencies over a certain period;
    - "Mining": a process, in which miners perform mathematical operations to verify a transaction and add the transactions in a form of so called blocks to the public ledger (blockchain) of the cryptocurrency, for which they are rewarded with a certain amount of prospective cryptocurrency and certain amount of transaction fees.;
    - "Miner": the User who mines Blocks with his own or rented hardware within a Mining Pool;
    - "Mining-Dutch": the legal entity Mining-Dutch B.V.;
    - "Mining Pool": all the Users together who combine their computing power of their hardware to jointly Mine more Blocks of one specific Crypt currency;
    - "Platform": The proprietary hardware and software base d veloped and used by Mining-Dutch to allow powerful and efficient use of miners’ resources to find blocks successfully;
    - "User": The legal entities or individuals that have an account with Mining-Dutch;
    - "Wallet": the personal overview on the Platform which shows the Cryptocurrencies that belong to a User.
    These general conditions are applicable on all services and actions between Mining-Dutch and User.
    Mining-Dutch is entitled to modify the general conditions unilaterally. Mining- Dutch will inform the Other Party in writing of the modified general conditions, by sending the modified general conditions to the Other Party. If the Other Party does not reject the modified general conditions within 7 working days, the modified general conditions will have legal force, also for already existing Agreements.
    In the event one or more of the provisions of these conditions proving to be invalid or declared void, this will not prejudice the legal force of the other provisions. Article 2 Registration, use and costs
    Article 2 Registration and use costs
    The registration of an Account is free of charge.
    hen registering an Account it may be necessary that Mining-Dutch has to perform an identity authentication to prevent fraud or money laundering.
    Mining-Dutch receives a fee of (maximum) 2% from every pay out that the Miners receive for the successful creation of a Block as compensation for the use of the Platform. The percentage fee differs per Cryptocurrency. The exact percentage is stated on the website by every Mining Pool/Cryptocurrency.
    It is forbidden to use the Platform through a network for anonymous communication, like Tor.
    The usage of a Botnet is forbidden. If Users have large number of Mining hardware with different IP-addresses it is assumed that the User is making use of a Botnet. In that circumstance Mining-Dutch is allowed to bl ck and/or delete the Account of the User without a warning. When Mining-Dutch blocks or deletes an account, User loses the Cryptocurrencies that are stored in their Wallet.
    The usage of multiple Accounts by one person can point to the use of a Botnet. If Mining-Dutch finds out that one person is using multiple Accounts an investigation will be started, and if the outcome is positive this can result in the same consequences as mentioned in the previous stipulation.
    Mining-Dutch can at all times without an statement of reason deny any User the access to the Platform and/or block the Account of any User.
    Article 3 Mining earnings
    All rewards from Mining Pools, collected within a Mining Pool, are distributed among the Miners proportionally. This means that the Miner share the remuneration received for the share they had in Mining the Block. Example, if a Block is found after 1,000 calculations and the Miner has a share of 100 calculations, the Miner will receive 1/10 of the reward.
    The revenues the Miner earns are credited to the Wallet of the Miner. The fee for Mining-Dutch will be deducted immediately. Mining-Dutch strives to add the mining revenues to the Miner's Wallet within 30 minutes.
    It is possible for the User to set up the Wallet in such a way that the mined Cryptocurrencies are automatically sold via an exchange for a Cryptocurrency of choice. A 3% fee applies to the conversion. Also see article 4.7 and 9.2.
    The Miner only earns rewards if Blocks are mined. When in the end it turns out that no Blocks are mined, the User also doesn’t get a reward (this also applies to soft and hard forks and subsequent separate Blocks). Mining-Dutch never guarantees that Mining will lead to Blocks and its subsequent rewards via its platform. Mining-Dutch offers the possibility to bundle computing power, but the Miners Mine at their own risk. "No Blocks, no revenue".
    Article 4 Wallet
    The credited Cryptocurrencies in the Wallet are not immediately available. The created Blocks must first be confirmed by the network, after which the rewards for the created Blocks become available.
    The Wallet is not an e-wallet and is only intended to pay Users their rewards for mined Blocks. The Wallet does not have the encryption/security of an e-wallet. The User is therefore obliged to transfer the Cryptocurrencies to an e-wallet or hardware wallet.
    If the User does not transfer this Cryptocurrency to an e-wallet or hardware wallet outside the Platform within six months of receiving the Cryptocurrency in their Wallet, Mining-Dutch may transfer these Cryptocurrencies to its own e-wallet or hardware wallet.
    The obligations and consequences for the User as mentioned in articles 4.2 and 4.3 are to protect the Users in order to prevent the Platform becoming a target for hackers due to the presence of large numbers of Cryptocurrencies and therefore justifies the obligation and consequence.
    It is the User's own responsibility to transfer the Cryptocurrencies to an e-wallet or hardware wallet as soon as possible after receipt in the Wallet. Therefore Mining-Dutch accept no liability for the loss of Cryptocurrencies from the Wallet due to hacks or loss in any other way.
    The Wallet can be set up in such a way that the Cryptocurrencies will periodically be transferred to an e-wallet. This allows the User to easily prevent the loss of Cryptocurrencies as described in this article.
    If the User has set up their Wallet - as described in Article 3.3 – in the way that the mined Cryptocurrencies are automatically converted via an exchange to a Cryptocurrency of their choice, Mining-Dutch will aspire to perform that currency swap within 30 minutes after instructed to.
    Article 5 Availability of Services
    Mining-Dutch will aspire to achieve uninterrupted availability of its Platform and Mining Pools. Mining-Dutch however offers no guarantees regarding the availability of its website and Mining Pools.
    Users are solely responsible for configuring their hardware in such a way that in the event the Platform or the Mining Pool should go offline while Mining, the hardware of the User reconnects with the Platform and that a backup pool is set up. For the correct configuration, the User must use the configuration settings as stated on the website under "Getting started".
    Mining-Dutch will aspire to keep his software and firmware up-to-date .
    Article 6 Liability
    Mining-Dutch is solely liable to User for damage, if this damage is due to non- compliance with the due care and expertise that the User can reasonably expect in the execution of the Agreement from Mining-Dutch.
    Mining-Dutch is never liable for damage, of any nature, arising from the incorrect or incomplete information provided by or on behalf of the User.
    Mining-Dutch is never liable for the loss of digitally stored information of the User.
    Mining-Dutch is never liable for any damage that has arisen as a result of software that is intended to cause damage to the Platform, including, but not limited to, computer viruses and hackers. Mining-Dutch is entitled to use antivirus software if necessary to limit damage to systems and to remove or isolate infected files.
    In the event of an attributable shortcoming, Mining-Dutch must first be given notice of default in writing, with a reasonable term to still fulfil its obligations, or to rectify any errors or limit or eliminate damage.
    Mining-Dutch is never liable for all indirect or immaterial damage such as, but not limited to, lost income and profits and consequential damage.
    Mining-Dutch is not responsible for:
    a) any change in the degree of difficulty of Mining;
    b) any change in legislation that adversely affects the User;
    c) any change in exchange rates of Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency.
    d) the creation of hard/soft forks where separate Blocks arise;
    e) script hacking by third parties.
    Article 7 Responsibility and usage by User
    User is solely responsible for the configuration of their own mining software and the right usage of the Platform. Mining-Dutch is never liable for damage that arises from wrong usage of the Platform or wrong configuration of the Mining software.
    User is not allowed to use the Platform in an unlawful way such as usage in violation to Dutch law or other relevant and applicable law. User will use the Platform as may be expected from a good User and will deny himself of clandestinely usage of the Platform. User is solely responsible and liable for any use of the Platform.
    User refrains himself from causing disruption to other Users or causing damage to the Platform. The User is not permitted to start processes or programs of which the User knows or can reasonably suspect that this will cause disruption or damage to Mining- Dutch.
    It is (whether this is legal or not) prohibited by Mining-Dutch to offer or distribute matters on the Platform which:
    a) are primarily intended to assist others in violating the rights of third parties, such as websites with (exclusively or predominantly) hacking tools or explanations about computer crime that is clearly intended to enable the reader to carry out the described criminal behaviour ) and not to defend themselves against it;
    b) are libellous, defamatory, abusive, racist, discriminatory or hateful;
    c) contain child pornography or bestiality pornography or are obviously aimed at helping others, other than investigative authorities, to find such things;
    d) constitute a violation of the privacy of third parties, including in any case, but not exclusively, the dissemination of personal data of third parties without permission or necessity or the repeated harassment of third parties with these undesirable communications;
    e) contain hyperlinks, torrents or references with (locations of) items that infringe on copyrights, neighbouring rights or portrait rights;
    f) contains malicious content such as viruses or spyware.
    The User is not permitted to pretend to be someone else at the time of registration and in all communication with Mining-Dutch.
    The User is strictly forbidden to use/misuse (programming) errors in the Platform or the website and to use these errors for personal or co mercial gain. If the User detects a (programming) error, the User must report this immediately to Mining-Dutch, via
    If, in the opinion of Mining-Dutch, disruption, damage or other danger arises for the functioning of the computer system, the Platform or the network of Mining-Dutch or third parties and/or of the service from Mining-Dutch provided via the Internet, in particular by excessive sending of emails or other data, (D) DOS attacks, poorly secured systems or activities of viruses, Trojans and similar software, Mining-Dutch is entitled to take all measures it reasonably deems necessary to avert or prevent this danger. Mining-Dutch may charge the costs that are reasonably necessary for these measures to the User, if the User can be blamed for the cause.
    If the User exhibits undesirable behaviour, Mining-Dutch is entitled to deny the User further access to the website/Platform and to block and/or delete the User's account.
    Article 8 Confidentiality
    The Other Party is obliged to treat all information that comes to his notice in the context of the performance of the Agreement as confide tial, protect its confidentially and stipulate the same from employees and third parties involved in the performance of the Agreement.
    Article 9 Risk notice
    Actions with Cryptocurrencies carry inherent risks. Due to the fact that Cryptocurrencies are unregulated and decentralized, their value is not insured by any legal entities. These factors include but are not limited to changes of mining difficulty and/or other mining parameters/properties, fluctuating price (in fiat currency to Cryptocurrency exchange rate, such as USD/BTC) of Cryptocurrencies, obsolescence of hardware and amortization of hardware. The value of any mined Cryptocurrency may lose a big part or even their total value at any moment of time due to the nature of Cryptocurrencies. User understands that he is solely responsible for management of the Cryptocurrencies in his balance as well as any losses or charges incurred by any third- party entity.
    In the event that Mining-Dutch is not able to do the conversion – as mentioned in article 4.7 – within the aspired 30 minutes, Mining-Dutch is not liable if the exchange rate at that later moment is unfavourable for the User. The use of the automatic conversion is at own risk of the User.
    Any information related to Cryptocurrency and Cryptocurrency mining that is/was posted, published and/or provided by Mining-Dutch via any channel of communication is subject to change, such as change of regulation. User is solely responsible for obtaining the correct information.
    Article 10 Force Majeure
    In these conditions, force majeure is understood to mean all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, which are beyond the control of Mining-Dutch, preventing Mining-Dutch to fully or partly fulfil her obligations.
    During force majeure, the obligations of Mining-Dutch will be suspended.
    In case of force majeure Mining-Dutch is never liable for suffered damage.
    Article 11 General
    Each Agreement between Mining-Dutch and Other Party is exclusively governed by Dutch law.
    Any dispute arising from agreements with Mining-Dutch will be settled by the court Noord-Holland in Alkmaar, to the exclusion of any other court or legal authority.
    All questions, remarks and/or complains have to be submitted at the support centre on the website. Mining-Dutch will aspire to reply the questions, remarks and/or complains within two business days.