Getting Started

1. Create account.
* Register here, or Login if you already have account
2. Choose hashing algorithm
* Choose the desired hashing algorithm (Top right Corner) settings are algorithm specific!!!.
4. Configure your miner.
* Use the Miner settings generator to obtain the miner configuration

* To mine specific coins or modes, Connect the miner first.

* After connecting your miner,
Select a pool and reward mode ( D-PPS, SOLO, PPLNS or PROP ) at your : Worker configuration
5. Receive payments and setup wallets
* Visit the Wallets section to setup payouts.

6. Monitor your earnings
* Visit the Earnings section to monitor earnings over time.

* Visit the Wallets section to display active balances.
7. Optional
For the Baikal miners we offer our own algorithm switch tool:

MD_Algorithm Switch Tool 1.30 [06-06-2018].

MD_Algorithm Switch Tool 1.40 Groestl / G28 release [24-06-2019].

Documentation can be found here: Documentation

Russian Tuturial
Miner Settings generator

Not all pools are compatible with merged mining, Please check the availablity at the pools dashboard or pool overview.

Mining Mode
Device presets
Device hashrate
If your miner is not available in the list of presets, you can set the hashrate manually.
No extra settings are required when using asic-boost (AB) devices.

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