BTC Convertion now Available
posted 03/17/2017 12:47:24 by titanlaak

We are very happy to announce that BTC payout is now again available on most coins!
Our concept has been changed to BTC Convertion.
This means we do not directly pay you in BTC, But we give you the service to convert them.
You do the mining, we do the annoying selling part for you.
For now It's available for almost every coin that is listed on:

More coins from other exchanges will follow in the coming days / weeks.

Here's how you configure your convertion.

BTC Convertion
In your Wallets page you now have the options to convert your coins to BTC.
- How does this work?
At first, You mine your coins a usual, and you get your coins credited to your account as usual.
Only after your coins has reached confirmed status, the conversion kicks in.
We process all your confirmed credits, and sell them directly at the exchange, the price we sold them on, is the price your coins will be worth in convertion.
Your transactions type "Credit" will be changed to type "Converted", And the logo value of these transactions combined in this convertion, will be Credited as one Bitcoin Credit. 
You can see all your transactions in your (Green) menu => Transactions.

Q: Will my coins I mined before enabling BTC convertion be converted to?
 A:Yes, we currently convert all coins mined in a period of 1 week.
Q: My coins are already confirmed, why are they not being converted?
 A: The pool will sell the coins first before it will convert any coin, Due to the minimum tx size of each exchange, we can only sell the coins once this limit has been reached.
Q: What does the message: "BTC Convertion disabled" mean?
 A:Exchanges like to throw their wallets offline or in maintenance and let the market open, If we can not deposit your coins, we can not sell them, if we can not sell them we can not convert them.
    As long as the exchange wallet is offline or in maintenance your coins will not be converted, once it's opens, The convertion will Continue.
Q: When do I get my BTC's payed out?
 A: All BTC balances are being processed and payed out every night around midnight CET.


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